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Burn-out UK - Online courses for doctors, dentists, healthcare workers and professionals in the workplace to help prevent and overcome burnout

Burnout UK provides online courses and resources to help prevent and overcome workplace burnout for Doctors, Dentists, healthcare workers and professionals in other workplace settings.

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion often caused by excessive exposure to prolonged stress. Burnout can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed, emotionally drained, physically exhausted and unable to meet demands which are being made of you.

Seeing your own psychologist and working through challenges can be immensely empowering but financial constraints and time limitations mean this is not possible for everyone, which can lead to people feeling alone and unsupported at a time when they need help the most.

Burn-out UK was developed by psychologist Dr Julie Hannan as a resource for individuals and organisations and offers online video courses and bespoke workplace training to help people understand burn-out, how to overcome it and prevent it from happening again.

Video-based Online Courses


Our range of affordable online video-based courses, all of which have been approved by The British Psychological Society, have been created by psychologists and their clinical experience of working with people and helping them overcome burnout.

Online learning means that you can progress at a pace and time that suits you in the privacy of your own home. For less than the price of one session with a psychologist you can access your own video-based course which is packed full of useful information, strategies and techniques to help you overcome any challenges you are experiencing.

Emergency: If you are in a life threatening situation – do not use this website but call 999 or use these Emergency Telephone Contacts.

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